Yesterday, I revisited my Facebook. I mean my Facebook posts since the account was created. I read one by one without missing a single one.

Guess what? It feels so different yet so … ME!

Put aside of lots of flirting involved (though I can’t remember if I realized that someone was flirting or not), I know that if I saw someone who is living my life then, I’d kill to have that kinda lifestyle.

She’s always busy like a bee! Everyone wanna hangout with her all the time (no kidding) Traveling is just part of her life. Been here and there. South and north in 24 hours, or even less… While making another plan going to east?

Always become a centre of attention when in crowds (unintended), or I’d say she just flaunt herself to the stage, gracefully!

Everyone in her life is considers important! Even a student call her cool sister! Always have a silly conversation with everyone! Seriously, everyone!

I envy her, i envy my old me,

I know, part of me has become a weeeee bit better than she was. But, there is that little something that i missed. Can i go back and be her?


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